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It’s Time for YOU to Get Published

So you’ve watched the literary greats publish book after book, and seen some of your friends become published authors. Now it is your turn.

Helping Writers Publish Their First Book

For the aspiring author, looking for a publisher can be exhausting and discouraging. We’re here to make sure you have access to book publishing options that make the publishing process smooth and straightforward.

All of the firms we recommend are for first-time writers as well as for veteran authors. They provide a publishing consultant who will work with you to choose the best options from a full range of publishing and marketing services.

What You Get

The self-publishing firms we recommend give you:

  • A step-by-step publishing process that makes it easy to get from manuscript to book in your hand
  • Book availability in hardcover format
  • Copyright ownership – the rights to your book always belong to YOU

It won’t be long before you are holding a copy of your book in your hands.

We know what it feels like to be a writer trying to get published. That’s why New Writer Publisher was created. We wanted to take a process that has historically been difficult and make it a positive experience — one that enables you to see the results of your hard work in an efficient and enjoyable manner.

The firms that we work with are experienced self-publishing firms with many years, authors, and titles under their belts. They provide a full range of services in publishing, editing, design, and even book marketing. So it won’t be long before you are holding the published copy in your hands.

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